Hotels in Haifa

The city of Haifa is the third largest population in Israel and serves as a port city and an important transport center, with many industries. The city of Haifa is also an important cultural center in Israel. The port of Haifa is one of Israel's largest and most important maritime trade centers. The city of Haifa is also a city with a mixed population of Jews, Arab and Christian that live together with harmony. Therefore, Haifa has a very diverse range of cultural life in the city, diverse and mixed theaters and a selection of Jewish-Arab common culture.

The tourist life in the city is very diverse and many see the hotels in Haifa as a destination of freedom and enjoyment with a combination of dozens of scattered attractions in the city and of course a variety of marine activities with amazing beaches that give Haifa a good place among the various hotels in Israel.

Hotels in Haifa are scattered in several main locations, hotels in Haifa and especially near the restored German Colony with a variety of nightlife and restaurants in the area, hotels on Herzl Street central Hadar neighborhood and hotels in Carmel where scattered a large number of hotels are sitting in front of amazing views of Haifa Bay and the range of observation up to the walls Acre and the Israel-Lebanon border.