A Tour in Haifa in 6 stations and one Carmelit

Gan Ha'em Station

Carmel Center is considered one of the main entertainment centers in the city of Haifa. Many hotels in the city are located in this area, giving you easy access to the many attractions nearby. Alongside the many cafés, restaurants and shops in this area, a trip to Haifa will not be complete without a visit to the Louis Promenade, which overlooks the magnificent view of Haifa. The city zoo attracts many visitors, both small and large. Several museums are also located in the Carmel Center, including the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, the Mane Katz Museum and more.

A trip to Haifa without a visit to the Bahai Gardens is not a trip. The gardens, which constitute a significant tourist attraction in the city, stretch from Mount Carmel to the German Colony in the city. Therefore, it is possible to combine the visit in several different stations during the trip. If you wish to join one of the guided tours, you can do so from the top entrance to the gardens, which is within walking distance of the Gan Ha'em station.


Bnei Zion station

This station is also used by many residents and visitors to the Rothschild Hospital, located right next to the station. In addition, this station is located near the Spinoza stairs, which are part of the 1,000-step route of the city of Haifa. The route begins at the top of Mount Caramel, but for those who are in the area or simply interested in shortening, you can start the route from this station and go directly to the alleys of Wadi Nisnas.


Masada Station

Masada Street, known as the Haifa Sheinkin, is suitable for young people and young people who wish to take part in the special atmosphere offered by the street. Many cafes, galleries and shops attract many visitors. In addition, anyone interested in integrating the National Museum of Science, Madatech, during an excursion in Haifa is invited to leave at this station.


The Nevveem Station

A visit to the Haifa Museum will shed some historic touches on the city, which can give you a different perspective during a trip to Haifa. From this station you can also reach Aladdi Nisnas, which offers a trip full of smells and flavors in the colorful neighborhood market. The station is also within walking distance of the German Colony. The station, located in the heart of the Hadar neighborhood, also gives you an opportunity to visit the bustling city streets during the day, attracting a large population due to the variety of shops in them.


Solel Boneh

The city hall and the city's Independence Park are close to this station. The garden is a spectacular panoramic view of Haifa harbor and bay, the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the green mountains of the Galilee and on clear days even the white peak of Mount Hermon.


Paris Square

The last stop of the Carmelit will bring you closer to the railway museum, Faisal Square, the port campus, pubs, restaurants and cafés. A short walk takes you to the German Colony, which is also a focal point with many cafes and restaurants, as well as the City Center Shopping Center. Paris Square Station is located within walking distance of the Haifa train station, the Shmona Center, so if you reach the city by train you can easily start the trip in the opposite direction and advance up the mountain.



All this on one card

In order to implement our proposal for a trip to Haifa built according to the Carmelit stations, you can purchase a daily ticket to the Carmelit that allows you free entrance during the day. It is possible, of course, to add many more varied activities to the track, according to the changing fields of interest from person to person, as well as according to the time frame. Without parking problems and inspectors and most of all without traffic jams. In this way, you really take advantage of your time to travel to Haifa, to the many different attractions that it offers.